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Our Values


“Curiosity awakens energy and is the basis for innovation.
Value creation results from a thirst for knowledge and the ability to use integrated thinking to view complex matters from new perspectives in order to generate new ideas. This combination of curiosity, intuition, experience and skill allows us to develop and produce tailored solutions for our customers, even in the face of global competition.
Curiosity is the foundation of our ability to compete and our future success.”


“Trust is the foundation for every relationship and every deal.
The ability to work together dependably and reliably on a day-to-day basis serves as the starting point for mutual
trust and develops special qualities in relationships with other people: We convey certainty and continuity.
We assume responsibility and create a business climate that allows people to express their thoughts on any subject and point out concerns without reservation.”


“It takes courage to get excited about something and to stay the course regardless of others’ opinions.
For generations we have been forging ahead with the mindset of pioneers who are out to create and build something new. On that path we assume responsibility for the ideas, their implementation and everyone involved in the process – often under difficult circumstances. With courage we face the challenges of change and the need to embrace new demands with an open mind and curiosity.”


Often continuity is only visible after the fact.
As an owner-operated business with a strong sense of tradition, we are optimally positioned to set and achieve goals for both the short and long term: flat hierarchies, quick decisions, and a constant focus on completing day-to-day duties. As Aristotele observed long ago: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


“Commitment means the endurance, focus and responsibility needed to keep a promise – even under challenging circumstances. To succeed the content, scope and time frame need to be clearly defined, and ideally accompanied by written documentation of the terms of the agreement, along with evaluation. The more reliably we act, the more credible and competent we appear to others.
Reliable communication keeps all involved up to date!”


Flexibility is the ability to adapt to constantly changing demands, markets and conditions – and to be able to react quickly to them. As a developer and manufacturing partner for individualised, customer-specific solutions, our job each and every day is to quickly create alternative solutions for our customers’ various and changing needs and to execute them. We are a hidden champion, continuously developing ourselves along with the growing demands of our clients!


“Esteem is an internal disposition that is closely linked with respect and goodwill.
In our daily interactions with one another, we show esteem for everyone involved in the process and receive it in equal measure in return. This allows our employees, suppliers and clients to interact as partners based on mutual concern, interest, attentiveness and friendliness. A good example of this esteem for one another is the active, voluntary exchange of information, along with our lively culture of welcoming others.”